ExtraBrite© 12V LED Strips 5 Meter Pure White


Product #5M-LED-P

ExtraBrite© 12 Volt High-Output LED miniature lighting is the perfect lighting for any dollhouse!  Our 5 Meter Pure White ExtraBrite© LED's give lots of light, but they use very little power and produce very little heat - over 10X more light per watt than other miniature lighting (and 10X less heat!!)

These LED light strips are flexible and easy to use!  They can be bent or twisted and are held in place with adhesive backing.  The whole strip or any section of the strip will operate using a standard dollhouse 12V Power Supply.  Sections can be cut off at any "cut line" (multiples of 3 lights) and attached to your dollhouse wiring anywhere more light is needed. 

The LED light strips use less than 3 watts per foot.  They are powered with a standard 12V dollhouse power supply; it can use the same dollhouse wiring you use for all your miniature wiring projects and can share circuitry with other miniature fixtures.  We recommend CK1009C (12V, 20Watt) or CK1009D (12V, 40Watt) transformers.

ExtraBrite©LED's are the brightest product available in the consumer price range.  They are up to 3 times as bright as "rope lights" and most other LED lights on the market.  They are offered by us without mounting paraphernalia, so they can be configured to the exact need of the miniaturist at a fracton of the cost of other LED's.

ExtraBrite©LED's have a very long life...the rated life of LED lighting is 50,000 hours (compared to miniature lighting which is rated from 1000-5000 hours).  That's over 12 years at 12 hours a day, 6 days a week!

ExtraBrite©LED's in "Pure White" give the whole spectrum of visible light.

ExtraBrite© LED's in "Warm White" give the warmth of candle light for subtle mood lighting.

Size Options:

  • 12 inch strip has 36 LED lights
  • 30 inch strip has 90 LED lights
  • 5 meter strip has 600 LED lights


Instructions are included but you should also check out our Dollhouse Wiring Quickstart Guide.  This guide will allow you to begin with confidence!  Check out Gary's helpful hints and tips for our LED lights.


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