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… choose Real Good Toys to discover the finest Quality & Craftsmanship in the dollhouse miniatures industry.
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We've been in business for 49 years and we're absolutely positive you will find our heirloom quality dollhouses to be the best on the market.  The ease of building with carefully handcrafted parts, detailed instructions, terrific customer service, helpful assembly pros and our real good values make us stand out from the rest of our competition.  You might see the price and think twice but you are not just buying a dollhouse - you get the whole package.  Our thick walls and floors make our dollhouses and dollhouse kits incredibly durable and when built with care, can endure the test of time.  They are true heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation.  Build a Real Good Toys dollhouse kit today ... you won't be disappointed!
Dollhouses are NOT all created equal
Die-cut Dollhouse Kits:
Some dollhouses are die-cut from very thin materials (usually less than 1/8” thick) with many parts arranged on one sheet. The parts are then punched out individually. Then the rough edges of all the pieces need to be sanded. Die-cut dollhouse kits are inexpensive to purchase and to produce as they require very little labor to manufacture.
Saw-cut Dollhouse Kits:
Real Good Toys dollhouse parts are hand crafted. The individual parts are made from mostly 3/8” and 1/4” thick materials that we cut, shape, groove, rout and bevel utilizing standard woodworking machinery operated by our experienced crew. As a group, we have shared our working lives for a very long time. The average RGT employee has over 18 years experience. We are loyal, caring and value teamwork.
Ease of Assembly:
RGT’s design team incorporates many features into our kits to ensure the project will be relatively easy to build. Obviously, the more detailed and complicated a dollhouse looks, the more time consuming the project will be … but we go out of our way to provide milled clapboard siding with a distinct and realistic profile, grooves to help locate parts, bevels that truly match up, smooth pine moldings that really fit.  Often jigs are even included to help with assembly. All of these features help with the successful completion of your dollhouse.
Our kit instructions are professionally written with thorough drawings and detailed parts lists walk you through the project step-by-step. Many of our best selling kit’s instruction manuals can easily be viewed on our website.
RGT is the only dollhouse company that includes the extraordinary details included in our complete kits. Most of our kits include everything you see in the finished photographs except the paint & glue.
Quality Control:
Our quality control is second to none. We examine each part before it in goes in the box and protect the pieces by paying particular attention to the parts arrangement in the carton.  We group them in ways that keep them safe during shipments and handling. 
RGT’s support staff efficiently offers technical support. They handle construction questions, requests for missing or damaged parts and are always ready to help in any way possible. 
Real Good Toys is dedicated to delivering a 1st quality product and we stand behind our dollhouses 100%.  If you have purchased an RGT dollhouse kit and found pieces missing or damaged, we will be happy to replace those parts at no cost to you.  There is no need to return the kit.  In order to ensure you receive the correct piece(s), please be sure to quote directly from your instruction parts list the quantity of missing/damaged item(s), the item number and/or name, plus all dimensions and details listed.  You can either email the information to info@realgoodtoys.com or call us at 802-262-6018 from 2pm – 5pm EST Monday – Thursday. We are closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Real Good Toys is the only dollhouse manufacturer that offers a great selection of designs, sizes, price levels and room or porch additions.
Wall finishes:
Choose milled walls that have the clapboard finish cut right into the surface that is ready to paint! Or choose kits with smooth walls that can be finished with textured stucco, stenciling, brick or stone or our log siding for the rustic look. Some kits are available with very realistic scale pre-finished brick panels. 
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