We purchased our dollhouse, Victoria's Farmhouse several years ago, but have just started to assemble it!

It is such a pleasure!!  Thank you for the wonderful product, the helpful online demonstration of how to assemble, or the many things we need to do to put it all together.  It is shown so well and sent along with such good instructions that it is truly a pleasure to assemble!  Thank you for your incredible dedication to a lasting product!

Sincerely, Janice Thomas



Dear Real Good Toys,

I am constructing the Beachside Bungalow dollhouse from the kit my husband and two sons gave me for Christmas. It's my first dollhouse and I'm having a wonderful time with it! As I work, I marvel at your lovingly thorough directions, immensely helpful tips, and amazing artistry and craftsmanship! Many many thanks for helping make the work of a novice look professional.

Since receiving this magical gift, I have enthusiastically entered the "world of minis". I've handmade some furniture, include a living room set, bed, armoire, kitchen table and chairs, and will construct kitchen cabinets once I get to that point.

Many, many thanks for your wonderful products. I'm sure I'm one of thousands who have been inspired by your artistry!

Christine Sevec-Johnson


I wanted to say thank you again for replacing my missing piece.  It arrived today and it looks great.  I'm excited to start my project now.  I'm happy with the quick and reliable service you and your team offer.  Thank you again.  Rose H., Long Beach, CA


I would like to convey my thanks to the exceptional attention given to my problem with a particular part for the Victoria's Farmhouse I am building for my granddaughter.  The replacement arrived, in perfect condition and very well packed, within an unbelievably short time, and a major difficulty has been resolved for me.  The shipping label shows the name of Jennifer Fitzgerald, and if this is also the lady who spoke with me on the telephone, I would like to especially thank her further for the very helpful advice she gave me on the subject of dyeing procedures for shingles and also regarding possible conversions to circular staircases.  I have to say that it is very rare these days to find customer service of this standard and to receive such courteous and prompt attention.  My compliments to Real Good Toys, and many thanks again.  V.C.M. (Canada)


WOW!!!  I can't think of an adjective that properly describes your kit(s), your directions, and your website.  I'm 64 and finally building a dollhouse for my wife.  She has wanted this for years (too many to mention), and I've had my share of building all sorts of things and assembly of 1000's of items.  Your True American "old generation" approach to design and directions amazes me.  That's the way things USED TO BE!  I am ready to start on the build of the dollhouse, but couldn't start without first saying WOW...That's incredible.  We, unfortunately, have had to get used to the Chinese CRAP that we usually have to buy and directions that are translated to Americanese that can't be followed and never work.  Many thanks for being American and building the "American Way".  Much Applause to you!  Terry S.


I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with my recent customer service experience.  I am building the Victorian Farmhouse (JM1065) for my daughter.  I was missing 4 small window frame pieces (E8164).  I called Monday afternoon and received them in the mail on Thursday.  Thank you very much for the quick turnaround time. Jason B., Lutz, FL



Thank you so much for sending the part out so quickly!  We were able to continue working on the dollhouse without a pause & finished it shortly after receiving the missing window from you!  I just wanted to sincerely thank you and express my appreciation for your excellent customer service and extremely quick response.  That is commendable!  Thank you again!  Anita B., Leslie, MI



...Your selection, craftsmanship and willingness to provide excellent customer support have made you a success.  Congratulations on the good work.  I have never written a fan letter before, but I wanted to let you know how much I still enjoy my dollhouse after all these years.  Thank you for providing that enjoyment.  Linda C., Clarkston, MI



I genuinely appreciate the help you've provided for an out of production kit, especially since I'm not even the original purchaser.  It says a lot about the company and I'm sure this won't be the last RGT dollhouse I build.  



Dear RGT,

I just had to stop what I was doing with the assembly of my first RGT dollhouse, to write to say a million thank yous. This is actually my 4th dollhouse, and the only one that I have ever managed to get to completion. Previously I had bought the more "budget" type kits that used very thin wood pieces that all had to be punched out and sanded in hopes of getting them to look right, and it was never an enjoyable experience. I'm someone that has more fun in collecting and decorating, so the house assembly was something I always loathed and dreaded, and then eventually just gave up on when it got too frustrating.


I was sure to choose my "final" dollhouse most carefully this time. It's been about 10 years since I gave up on the last house I tried to make. I'm 36 and have collected miniatures since I was 10, and the reason I wanted to give a new house a final try is that we just adopted a little girl from an orphanage in Ukraine; and I hope this is something we will love to do together as a new family. One day I will pass the dollhouse on to her. I read lots of reviews, and looked at every house imaginable. Finally I decided that I would spend more money than I thought to buy a RGT house, justified by the fact that it is a high quality item made with high quality materials, and that the time and frustration saved would be worth the investment. After all, if I would have just purchased it in the first place, I would have saved the cost of 4 failed dollhouses.


So I am writing to tell you that for the first time ever, I am ENJOYING the experience of assembling my dollhouse! I'm actually having FUN putting it together because it's made properly, the instructions are perfectly clear and even come with illustrations, and all the details have been carefully worked out by your team so I can get it right the first time on my own! Everything fits together perfectly, and it's making me feel so confident and happy that I can do it on my own, and also the memories I will have of making it will be happy ones, rather than feeling irritated and disappointed yet again in another poorly designed product that will sit in the garage, a reminder of wasted money and frustration.


Once again thank you for caring enough to get it all right, to give your customers the wonderful feeling of being able to make something with their own hands that will bring so much happiness and will surely become a beloved family heirloom. When I am finished my Vermont Farmhouse, I have to admit I've already got my sights set upon the gorgeous bungalow...


Carly P.



"My wife and I just completed our first dollhouse.  We had a ball doing it and we were constantly impressed with the quality of the kit, the instructions, and with the rapid and great help we received from Gary and others at Real Good Toys.  Most importantly, our granddaughter is thrilled with the result!  Thank you very, very much for making such a great product and for supporting it so professionally." Jerry (April 11, 2011)


"Just a note to say thank you for mailing me a few replacement clapboard for the dollhouse I am building.  This is the second time in over two years that I had a part missing, which has been replaced by the people at Real Good Toys with no problem.  It is very nice to deal with a company that has no problem working with its customers.  A great company with great people working for the comapny.  Thank you again." Jim W., Hauppauge, NY (March 4, 2011)

A little conversation among our Facebook Fans: (January 2011)
"Beautiful quality products and the best customer service in the industry ~ I love me some RGT!"
"Me too! They are always there for me no matter what I ask, they help."
"I agree - I was missing some parts and they responded within a few hours even on Christmas Vacation! I already have the parts! Thank you so much!"
"Yes, exactly! I am rehabbing a garage sale Newport (though I have plenty of other RGT houses in the que to do) that was missing some pretty specific pieces and parts, helped me figure out what I needed and processed it all right way!!"
"There are not many great companies out there these days that care the way RGT does!"
"Ditto on the great customer service. I had several instances to call during my recent build and ALWAYS so helpful. Great people AND great product. Can you get better than that??"
"Its just nice to have piece of mind, and things happen."

"I wanted to say thank you, thank you for not only giving great customer service, but fast delivery and you didn't even charge me for the items missing...your products are very easy to work with and your directions are clear and concise.  I thought I should just throw out a thank you for doing a great job...it's much appreciated...and why I will now be a frequent shopper for your products.  In a time of our uncertain economy, you are often faced with people who don't care and are not quick to offer friendly, fast service, I praise your company for doing so." Amanda B. (4/18/10)

"Just a note to let you know the directions came in the mail yesterday and they are very clear and precise.  I want to personally extend my appreciation to you for taking the time to attend to this for me.  What extraordinary customer service.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter." - Joanne (2/19/10)

"Just received the shingles.  Thank you so much!  This has to have been my most pleasurable experience dealing with a  product and its company.  Your acts are a wonderful experience and have recommended your product to several friends, one of which went out and bought one for her daughter.  Thank you again."

"I would like to comment on the fine product you have.  The kit is awesome and the online support is above par.  Frankly, the whole thing has been an amazing experience because my wife and 7 year old daughter (for whom I am building this house for) have been involved in the whole process.  It has been a fun journey making something that will be passed on down the family.  I want to thank you for your wonderful dollhouse kit." - The Summers Family

"Thanks again for mailing my missing parts from the General Store Kit.  Real Good Service from Real Good Toys!!  Great job!!" Hugh L.

"Hey Jen, Received the Glenwood; Firehouse and Country Church instructions today.  All in order.  It's rare to find such excellent service these days.  Thank you so much!"  Babs

"Hi Gary:  All you ever needed was pictures of my dollhouse, but I wanted to express how happy I was with the whole experience of building my first dollhouse...everything was absolutely perfect.  Your input was valuable and I did not feel rushed or that I was imposing.  I also called on two occasions to order minor missing parts and once to order parts to add a railing around the third floor stairwell.  The lady was always pleasant and so efficient.  Again, thank you for your product and your help."    Tom S.

"Thank you so much!  I am so pleased with the quality of your product, and now your customer service is proving to be just as wonderful!  I'll be looking forward to receiving the replacement parts, and will certainly be recommending Real Good Toys to my miniature enthusiast friends."  Char C., Davenport, IA.

"Hi, Thanks again for mailing my missing parts from the General Store kit.  Real Good Service from Real Good Toys!!  Great job!!"  Hugh L., Canada

"I have built several dollhouses (Victorian Cottage Jr., Victoria's Farmhouse, Alison Jr., and Vermont Farmhouse Jr. currently under construction) and must say that the durability of yours is fantastic.  My granddaughters love them and we do not concern ourselves with there playing with them (except Victoria's Farmhouse, they are a little young to handle hanging lights etc.)  The others are electrified but no hanging lights.  These are definitely strong enough to be passed on from one generation to another.  I cannot say that of the first dollhouse I built.  Some are made to just look at and admire, others are for both admiring and playing with.  The family thanks you!"  Patricia D.

"WOW...your service is beyond belief...very different from how the rest of the world seems to work.  Hope your kindness is repaid a thousandfold.  All the best to you and yours."  Bob W., Rockport, ME

"Thank you for sending me the parts for the missing railing for the wonderful Real Good Toys dollhouse!  I truly appreciate your help AND the quality of the dollhouse.  It surely is a Real Good Toy!  Thank you so much."  Jill D., Glencoe, IL

"I love Real Good Toys brand dollhouses.  They are truly heirloom quality and I look forward to seeing these wonderful houses for more generations.  I may have mentioned that my oldest daughter owns a beautifully completed Alison Jr.  Now the only one left without their own house is...ME!  I'm still working on that one!  Maybe Santa will visit me this Christmas too!!!!  Anyway, thanks for all your help and e-mails to address my panic.  I'm very grateful!  Donna B., KY

"Just wanted to let you know that the Barn is in great condition now!  Your advice with the repair job on the barn doors track made it possible.  I never thought of using the wax paper and that made the difference.  The doors are perfectly hung now and glide easily.  Thanks!"  Grammy Kathleen

"Hi Gary: Thank you for your prompt response.  I will try the liquid nails #601 project glue on the next house and see how that works out.  I have mentioned to various people on numerous occasions the great customer service that your company provides.  Whether it is replacing a missing or broken part or answering questions like mine, you folks are always courteous and prompt and should be a model for others who don't seem to truly understand the value of good customer service.  I love building your houses and have done quite a few over the years.  Thanks again for all your help and the great dollhouses."   Ed T., NY

"Just wanted to drop you an email to tell you that my father is here this weekend, and he successfully fixed the dollhouse door!  It was very easy just liked you showed in the video!  Thank you so much once again!"  Annemarie C.

"I am pre-painting my Queen Anne and this kit is cut perfectly and goes together beautifully."  Thanks, Gail

"My daughter loved the house, as did the rest of my family.  Thanks again."  Scott regarding a Victoria's Farmhouse

"I really do thank you for indulging my perfectionism. :-)  I was just recommending RGT kits to somebody else this week and I always comment on how great you guys are. :-)  Thanks again."  Ron

"What a great product you folks produce, and your quality control must be fantastic because I had absolutely no problems."  Steve W., St Augustine, FL

“You do a great job for your company with clear, concise, and complete answers. I hope you show somebody this email to indicate I say so!”    Joyce C., Massachusetts

“You and your company are great, great, great. I will be calling with my order! Thank you.”  Sue D.

“I emailed you yesterday…Thank you and Gary for all your support while I was building my dollhouse…I am almost done, just a few minor details.”   Rose P.

“Thank you so much. That’s why I would only think of buying Real Good Toys Dollhouses. You are very professional. (That goes for you Jen, you are very good and the company should be very appreciative of that).” Sharon M.

“Many thanks to you…This has got to come under the heading of “Terrific Service”.   Bill M.

“My missing parts arrived today and I thank you for sending them. I was impressed with Real Good Toys service and I will be purchasing a second dollhouse in the near future.”    Verna M.

“I received the pieces to the house you sent me. Thank-you very much. I really appreciate the service you gave me and the time I was responded to was great along with the time it took to get me the pieces. THANK-YOU again, great job. PS. Thanks for the tip on the web site for help with building the house. Just one extra step you did not have to do, but I think it was very helpful of you.”    Mark A.

“I am the one who owes you thanks. I was very impressed with the woman I spoke to yesterday, and the friendly e-mails remind me that yours is a great company. I have bought 3 houses, and love to put them together – I will continue to do business with you. Please share this with your supervisor.”     Pat G.

“You guys have a good product backed by great service. Thank you very much.”  Paul P.

“Saw your TV spot on the Discovery Channel a few days ago – EXCELLENT! As the makers of the best dollhouses on the market, you deserve all the nice things that come your way. WELL DONE – thanks for the boost that you have given our beloved hobby.”   Mae

“I just recently purchased the Vermont Farmhouse Jr. from your company and I just had to write and let you know how impressed I am. The workmanship and detail are amazing, as well as the material used. I have already constructed my house, (it’s my first one), and found the instructions easy to follow. I am now showing it to everyone, and they are totally impressed too. Thank you very much.”    Marie D.

“I just completed one of your dollhouses I purchased almost two years ago. My father had scared me out of trying to do it (he tried years ago and gave up). I finally summoned up the courage to try and complete it for Christmas. Much to my surprise it was pretty easy to do! The instructions were pretty easy to follow and although I simplified the design somewhat, I am very happy with the results. (I ended up not putting on the porch or shingles, but I might add those features at a later date.) I’m ready to go out and buy another one for my daughter, but I’ll be sure to only buy Real Good Toys brand! Thanks.”   Frances R.