Whether you're building a dollhouse kit for the first time or 10th time, the hints, tips and techniques you'll find on this page will help guide you through your process from start to finish!  If you have more specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@realgoodtoys.com - we're always here to help you succeed!  Make sure to check out www.realgoodtoys.help for our most popular dollhouses.


The Basics:

Measuring Tutorial

Parts Identification & Organization (This JM1065 example applies to all dollhouse kits)

Setting up your workspace

Dye or Stain the Shingles

Building By The Kit:

Alison Jr. - Item #JM907

Bostonian Dollhouse - Item #96K - See how the builder's of Westview Meadows built their dollhouse kit

Brick Newport - Item #71B

Bungalow - Item #B1920

Princess Anne - Item #JM975

Victoria's Farmhouse - Item #JM1065


Dollhouse Wiring - A QuickStart Guide - Begin with Confidence!

What do I need?

Power Basics

Transformer Basics

How many lights can I run?

     Striplight Installation:
          Tapewire with Eyelets
          Solidwire with Eyelets
          Solidwire with Connector
          Solidwire with Solder

Marking the tape runs

Run the Tape Wire

Install Fixtures:
     Coach Light
     Ceiling Light

Connecting the Runs

Making Eyelet Connections (UTUBE Video)

Make a Support Block

Use a Whacker-Backer

Wire a Power Jack

Powering-up, testing & problem solving

Painting over Tapewire

Powered Turntable (UTUBE Video)

Interior Finishing:

Interior Painting & Wallpapering