Shingles, Flashing, Dye & Chimneys

We have several different varieties of wooden dollhouse shingles, in the traditional 1 inch scale and Playscale® size for 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls.  You can also use the Playscale® shingles on our new My Dreamhouse for 18 inch dolls dollhouse kit.  We offer rectangular, octagonal, strip shingles and more.  Different quantities and styles available.  Choose the right shingle for you!

Don't forget your shingle dye and sheet copper for the valleys and drip edge of your roof.  We also offer a few different chimney options to dress up your roof line.

Helpful hint - we always use a high-temperature hot glue gun for applying shingles.  The key is high-temp so be careful to not burn yourself.  If you'd prefer to use some other type of glue, just make sure it is not a water-based glue as this will warp, curl and ruin your shingles.