What if I have parts missing and/or broken in my dollhouse kit?
Simply email RGT at info@realgoodtoys.com.  When requesting replacement parts, you MUST quote directly from the parts list. Please include model number of the dollhouse kit, item number and/or name, all dimensions and other detailed information. Please include the name and address that you would like RGT to send the missing and/or broken pieces.
Will I receive a confirmation when I send an email?
Due to the abundance of emails received on a daily basis, RGT will only respond back to your email if necessary. If we receive all the information needed to send out replacement parts or instructions, you will not be contacted. If we do need to contact you, this is typically done within 24-48 business hours of receiving the email.
How do I become a retailer of RGT's products?
In order to establish an account with RGT, you must supply us with your states necessary business documentation (i.e. resale number, tax id number, etc.). The initial requirement is 6 dollhouse kits totaling $500 or more. If you would like a wholesale package, please email us at info@realgoodtoys.com. You MUST include the store name, contact name, address, phone number, years in business AND whether you have a store front or online business. If you have an online business, please include your web address as well.  For people who have an online business, RGT will drop ship for a fee.
How do I get a replacement set of instructions?
Please check our Dollhouse Assembly Instructions page for PDF instructions.  If you do not find what you need here, please email us the model number of the dollhouse kit, your name and mailing address. We will be more than happy to send you the instructions needed. RGT can also send instructions via fax for your convenience.
What type of paints does RGT use?
We always use Benjamin Moore Semi-Gloss Latex Interior paints unless otherwise specified.  The better quality paint you use on your dollhouse, the better the finish will be. 
Do you have a toll-free customer service line?
You can call toll-free at 1-866-524-0222 or you can email your inquiries or questions to info@realgoodtoys.com or you can also reach us at 802-262-6018 Mon-Thur 9AM - 5PM, Fri 9AM - 3PM.
What type of nails do you recommend?
RGT recommends using 3/4" brads or any nail with a very small head. These can be purchased through most hardware stores.
What type of glue do you recommend using when shingling the roof?
Glue the shingles on with glue that doesn't have any water in it. If the glue says "water clean-up", it will curl the wooden shingles. Look carefully at the glue you intend to use to be sure it is solvent-based, or use hot-melt glue (and watch out for burns). We use Liquid Nails #940 glue which comes in a caluking-gun tube at the hardware or building supply store. (NOTE: Liquid Nails also makes #990 which is "water clean-up" and will curl the shingles.)
What type of glue should I use for the house assembly?
Glue the body of your dollhouse together with white, water clean-up glue that dries clear. Do not use instant-bond (super glue), fast-tack, rubber cement, silicone or hot melt glues. They are all used in some wood applications, but they all have some characteristic that makes them un-desirable for the body of your dollhouse. Carpenter Glue works well and has all the characteristics you want, but glue-smear dries yellow or tan; many of the things you glue onto the house are pre-painted - extra glue will show. We use Aleene's Tacky Glue or other white glue (Elmer's, etc.) for all house body assembly.