RGT's Custom Dollhouse Electrical Starter Kit


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RGT's Custom Dollhouse Electrical Starter Kit is designed to include everything you need to adequately electrify a medium size dollhouse (refer to the diagram picture below) but with no transformer included.  Click here to see each item included in the kit and the details of what they do.  The Starter kit includes 30 feet of tape wire, a test light, (40) small eyelets, (20) large eyelets, RGT's unique piercing and drilling tool and superior power jack and plug set as well as electrical wire and instructional guide.

For larger dollhouses, we would recommend RGT's Large Dollhouse Electrical Kit or you can choose the CK100 Cir-Kit Deluxe Wiring Kit.

Our product is recommended for adult hobbyist and children ages 13 and up.

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