One Square Foot Sheet Copper

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Real Good Toys Copper Sheeting works great on your dollhouse roof for valleys or drip edge excellence! You can also add copper flashing to the tops of your dollhouse windows or doors for a very unique look.

If you think you aren't capable of doing this, think again! Here is a detailed photo tutorial on how to use copper flashing on your dollhouse. If you have different angled roofs on your dollhouse, you'll want to check out the half copper flashing tutorial.

Dollhouse Sheet Copper Features:

You'll want to handle the copper with gloves to avoid fingerprint etching.  The Copper Sheeting attaches easily to your dollhouse with a light solvent-based cement such as "Quick Grab".  Each roll covers 1 square foot.  Guage equals 1 ounce.  Store this product away from all children under the age of 13, adult supervision recommended.