Lilliput® Interior Staircase Kit


Product #4017

The Lilliput® Staircase Kit now works with all 8 1/8" - 9" floor-to-ceiling heights!  This is great news for all who have either a Lilliput® or Junior Series dollhouse kit.  The kit also features materials to build the landing rail as shown.  The staircase can be built either left or right for your convenience!

**Please note the difference in position of the Turnpost (floor vs. bottom step).  Position is dependent on your floor-to-ceiling height.

Check out the picture below to see how two staircase kits would look!  **When the Turnpost is on the floor at the bottom of the banister, this is for a 8 1/8" floor-to-ceiling height.  When the Turnpost is on the bottom step, this is for a 9" floor-to-ceiling height.  Each kit is sold separately.

Need to see more detail?  Simply click any photo to enlarge it for better viewing.

Our product is recommended for adult hobbyist and children ages 13 and up.



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