Light It Up™ Miniature Ceiling Light Valance Kit


Product #E226

The Light-It-Up™ Miniature Ceiling Light Valance Kit contains enough material to make three Lighting Valances up to 15 inches long.  Wire an ExtraBrite© LED section to the wall 3/4 inch below the ceiling and cover it with this Valance, which you cut to fit into your room.  Valance Lighting on each wall of the room, fills the room with shadow free light.

A word about Light-It-Up™ lighting products: Most miniature lights are built to look at.  They give a glimmer of light to call attention to themselves and to give the presence of lights and lighting in your room settings.  But traditional lights are intentionally dim for longer life.  Light-It-Up™ lighting products are designed to light up your rooms just like lights in your home do.  Yes, they are attractive, but their real work is putting light on your miniatures.  Light-It-Up™ lighting products along ExtraBrite© LED's can run on standard miniature wiring and can share wiring with traditional miniature lights.

Our product is recommended for adult hobbyist and children ages 13 and up.



You can download the instructions here.

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