Dollhouse Divider for Painted Lady

Product #E9417

People are always wanting to purchase additional dividers for customizing their dollhouse. Now we're making it easier to order the most commonly ordered dollhouse kit parts. The E9417 is a 3/8 inch thick Divider (MDF) that measures 9 3/4" Tall x 12"L and features a standard interior door cutout (fits rough opening size of 3 1/16"W x 7 1/16"H x 3/8"D), which works perfectly with our 1015 6-Panel Dollhouse Interior Door. Or you could customize even further by enlarging the opening to fit the beautiful 6022-C Single French Door (fits rough opening size of 3 1/16"W x 7 9/16"H x 3/8"D). Either way, adding interior doors gives a truly realistic look to your dollhouse.

Our product is recommended for adult hobbyist and children ages 13 and up.