1 Inch Scale Light Green Victorian Dollhouse Living Room Set in Walnut

Product #T0112

Style your living room using this 1 inch scale, Light Green Victorian dollhouse Living Room Set in Walnut. The light green decorative cushions are sure to brighten up any room! Perhaps a study or library as well as a living room. This miniature set features green cushions and ornate detailing. The 1/12th scale Walnut Living Room set includes 2 chairs, pedestal end table, sofa and coffee table. 5 pieces per set. MSRP $72.99

Approximate Dimensions are as follows:
Couch : 5 1/2"W x 4"H x 2"D
Chair: 2 1/2"W x 4"H
End table: 1 3/4"H x 1 7/8" diameter
Coffee table: 3 3/4"W x 1 5/8"H

Our product is recommended for adult hobbyist and children ages 13 and up.