12 inch Steel Turntable

Product #T10

A Turntable for your dollhouse...turn your dollhouse freely! The T-10 turntable is 12 inches in diameter, only 5/16 inches high and holds up to 1000 pounds. With many objects there will be little or no wobble, even if the object is only placed on the turntable. This is especially true with heavier objects. You have three options to choose from when deciding how you'd like to use your turntable - Turntable to Base only (for only mounting the turntable to a base), Turntable to Object only (for only mounting the turntable to an object), or Turntable to Base and Object (for mounting the turntable to a base and an object). 

Check out our new T10 Slideshow to see how you can make your assembled base using the T10 Turntable.

Our product is recommended for adult hobbyist and children ages 13 and up.