Playscale® Gazebo


Product #99119

The Playscale® Gazebo is a perfect addition for your 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls.  Everything is included except the shingles and doll.  Your gazebo creation is sure to bring you continued enjoyment for years to come!  This Gazebo measures 20" Octagon x 25 1/2"H

All clearance and closeout items are sold as is and all sales are final.  No returns will be accepted.

* Paint, glue, curtains and any landscaping or furnishings are not included.
** Gingerbread (if used) and Trim Strips are supplied in easy to cut lengths.

All dimensions listed on this website indicate the overall dimensions of each dollhouse including items that protrude, such as porches and roof cresting.

Our product is recommended for adult hobbyist and children ages 13 and up.

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