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The "to scale" CK1011 miniature slide switch is the first of its kind ever made in the electronics industry. Most standard models are equipped with a protruding toggle to allow electrical operation. A close look will reveal that the CK1011 has no such toggle-like feature. Instead, it is designed with a smooth sliding outer body to achieve the "on/off" operation. Why this departure from conventional logic? Ease of installation. The switch now comes with separate spring-loaded eyelets. These eyelets, when installed in a tape run, allow the switch to be installed by simply pushing it into the eyelets. No hammering required. No more loose nails, broken toggles, or "on" position pre-setting. Only a straightforward and uncomplicated mounting procedure. Its rugged construction makes it ideal for use in even the hardest of woods.  The complete and fully illustrated instructions included with each switch ensures a successful installation every time. Each package also contains 1/4" brass brads for use as marker pins when wallpapering. 600 ma current rating.

Photo courtesy of Cir-Kit Concepts, Inc. 

Our product is recommended for adult hobbyist and children ages 13 and up.



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