Assembled Curved Staircase


Product #4010AD

The exceptional and elegant, completely assembled Curved Staircase makes any dollhouse kit seem grand.  This staircase has a rise of 10 1/2 inches floor-to-floor and uses #3013A balusters.   Curve is only available as shown.

The Curved Staircase is approximately 3 inches wide.  Our resident Guru, Gary, recommends a 7 inch arc, then a 4 inch arc, and do about a 1/8 turn (approximately 45 degrees of turn) for placement within your dollhouse.  You can see this with the straight down ruler picture below.  Please note, each staircase is handmade and differs slightly, so while this is a good guideline to follow, the stairs may need to be tested and adjustments made.  The edge at the top of the stairs is thin to make adjusting the angle easy, and any variation in the 3 inch width can be accommodated by sanding the stair hole.

Our product is recommended for adult hobbyist and children ages 13 and up.

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