Prefinished QuickBuild™ Dollhouse Kits

QuickBuild™ dollhouse kits can be built in a flash! Built in hours, not days or weeks. QuickBuild™ dollhouse kits are great when your time is short, but you’re still looking for remarkable quality.

QuickBuild™ dollhouse kits are sturdy, convenient and affordable. Only a screwdriver, masking tape and white glue are required for assembly. They have simple, step by step instructions. The finishing is done for you! Exteriors are painted or stained, roof shingles are installed and floors are finished, wallpapers (if shown) are applied and windows, moldings, doors and shutters are hung.

Finishing touches in the QuickBuild™ line may vary. QuickBuild™ dollhouse kits make great gifts because they’re a snap to put together…simple as 1-2-3!


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