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Real Good Toys Reel Scene Mini Contest 2023

Introducing Real Good Toys Inc. Reel Scene Mini Contest for 2023...

Let’s get reel – over 100 years ago the first projected movie was shown in Paris, France. As we all know, a lot has changed over the last 100 years… especially with regards to movies and their special effects, to say the very least. Can you even imagine how many movies have been produced over the years? I wouldn’t even want to fathom a guess, but with so many options and genres out there to choose from, the hardest part is going to be picking your favorite movie scene to recreate in mini. However, the good news is that we are allowing up to five entries per person this year. You just need to purchase one RB-2 kit, directly from website, for each entry you submit. Each entry will be judged independently.

Think of this room box as your own personal mini movie theater. Consider what inspires you. If you think about it, movies are like minis, making imagination real. The Reel Scene is all about taking your favorite movie scene and turning it into a mini replica of that scene, down to the finest detail. Movies can be an escape from reality, just like our minis. Let’s create some mini movie magic this year and make Real Good Toys Reel Scene Mini Contest simply EPIC!

NEW for this contest - Each person may enter up to five different Reel Scene projects but you must purchase an RB-2 kit for each entry. Each entry will be judged independently.

To see all contest details and order your kit, see the RB-2 Traditional Room Box product page.

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